Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Top 8 Best Free Android Wear Apps for Google's Smartwatch

In the past few months companies throughout the tech industry have declared themselves to be in wearable technology space. For some big tech companies, wearable tech is the next big thing and the new growth market. Companies like Apple, Google and Samsung are joining the wearable race, betting big in the new emerging market.

Google is a good example of a company that making a huge bet in the wearable market. It already grabbed some big headlines earlier this year when it launched Android Wear. Android Wear is Google’s big attempt to push its own style of wearable technology into the big market. Google has already taken some big steps in supporting its Android Wear. It updated most Android devices to be compatible with Android Wear and started to roll out new batch of Android Wear Apps.

Currently there’s about two dozen or so apps that work on Android Wear. But that numbers are growing fast as more and more developers have been entering the Google Play marketplace with apps that many will find very appealing. These apps range from ones that improve personal productivity to something more personable -allowing you to find some essential information while you are on the road.

Here are 8 best free apps for Google’s Android Wear:

1. Google Keep 
Google Keep, the search giant's own note-taking app that lets you creates and edits notes from your wrist and check out items from your to-do-lists. Google Keep doesn’t have the search functionality of its main competitor- Evernote, but it’ simple and easy to use. Great for shopping lists and remainders, it allows users to dictate new notes much like the Evernote app.

2. Evernote for Android Wear
The app gives you some few good options for finding notes, including voice search, notes you've modified recently, and notes you've created nearby if you've activated Evernote's location-tracking functionality. In addition, you can also create a note with your voice, if you haven't opted to use Google Keep instead.

3. Contacts+
Contact+ has found a fun and easier way to share contacts with Android Wear like for example when two users with Android Wear devices bump their watches together, contact details are exchanged. The Android Wear installation also includes the ability to see text messages sent via Contacts+.

4. 1Weather (Free)
Google does offer some rudimentary weather info but if you want something more, 1Weather app is currently the best bet and top choice. It’s probably one of the best weather apps on Google Play today. The free app gives you everything you need to know about weather right on your wrists. A more detailed forecast info for the current day, 4-day forecasts with highs and lows, and even weather for different times of the day.

5. Runkeeper
Both Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch will count your steps automatically right out of the box but Runkeeper takes it one step further offering more detailed stats. Runkeeper offers a bit more information and run tracking info right on your wrist - the distances travelled and detailed progress and stats during and after the run. You can also start tracking a run with just a voice action, and even see the calories you've burned.

IFTTT, Short for If This Then That, is probably the most powerful Android Wear app available. Just like its web-based and smartphone counterparts, IFTTT for Android Wear lets users set up various recipes that can be quickly triggered by just pushing a button in your wrist. Recipes such as displaying a picture on your wrist after you take it with your smartphone, a quick button to mute your phone’s ringer without taking it out of your pocket, and even turning off all the lights in your house.

7. Google Maps
Google’s built-in mapping for Android Wear provides turn-by-turn, step-by-step directions right on your wrist, useful when wondering around a town or taking a walking directions. In addition, users also get voice prompts by simply plugging in some headphones.

8. Lyft 
It's raining and you can’t find a taxi, no worries. The app let you get a cab to one of your saved locations without ever using or touching your phone. Just simply tap on your Lyft app and you get a Lyft driver in moments. The app will send you notification about approaching drivers. If you're looking for a quick ride, this is a good bet, it’s totally free.